Thursday, August 03, 2006

Le Confessionnel

Busted, Busted, Busted.......

USA cycling upstart heir appearant to the (suspiciously) dominant Lance Armstrong. Finds himself clamouring for yet another excuse for his failed doping test in last months Tour de France.

First, we we're expected to believe that the positive test for high levels of testosterone were the result of some sort of "ubermaniless" in the Landis family gene pool. Now after disclosure that Landis' high testosterone was synthetic, we now have our would be hero crying 'dehydration'.

It leads to a couple of questions....

1) Are we still supposed to believe that Lance Armstrong didnt take any performance enhancing substances? and

2) Are we still so full of ourselves that we think the accusations leveled at Armstrong about doping were the product of an envious French media???


At 7:17 PM, Blogger Mitch said...

It's in the same context as baseball in the late 90s early 00's - they were all juiced - some more than others - so any records they have must be examined with a jaundiced eye.


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