Friday, July 28, 2006

Handicapping the Michigan Senate Race

Now this is a snoozer. Debbie Stabenow has to be one of the most ineffective senators and campaigners there is. The only reason I think she won in 2000 is that Spence Abraham is a worse campaigner.
Once again, thanks to RNSCC head Elizabeth Dole, you have two mediocre GOP candidates duking it out for the nomination against an extremely vulnerable incumbant. I sure wish that there was a Democratic Challenger to Stabenow - anybody with an ounce of charisma would trounce either of the two Republican challengers.
Alas - my call on this is that it coattails the Gubernatorial race with similar close numbers, with Stabenow's future really depending on turnout in Detroit than anything else.


At 8:12 PM, Blogger Taxbeaner said...

You are right on this one. D.S was a lightweight at the state level and the Peter Principal definitely came into play in the House of Representatives. She is totally out of her league in Washington. She is a democratic Candice Miller.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger The Salmon of Knowledge said...

I have a friend from my days in college who is a staffer in Stabenows Office in Lansing. I spoke with her recently and honestly she didnt seem overly concerned about having to find another job for a few more years.

The Michigan GOP never ceases to amaze with the low grade candidates it churns into the process. The front runner for the nomination looks to be Mike Bouchard, whose campaign up to this point has been comprised of an effort to show everyone that he's Captain America( was at Ground Zero after 9/11, was in NO after Katrina, blah blah). The only point of substance that hes even tried to make is the claim that he's a "conservative".

Perhaps he's forgotten that he lives in MI, a state that John Kerry won in 2004 and likely would have won by an even bigger margin had the Evango-fascists in the Holland/GR corridor not turned out in droves to support the redundant 2006 version of a gay marriage ban.

Bouchard has even decided to entertain us with an ad where he talks about illegal immigration and boils his stance down to 'as a law enforcement officer, if its illegal Im against it'. Opening all sorts of concerns for anyone capable of independent thought about what kind of reactionary legislator Mike Bouchard would actually be.

Stabenow may not be a strong candidate by many measures, but the Michigan GOP is more than capable of finding an even weaker offering.

At 8:43 PM, Blogger Taxbeaner said...

Sort of like the Democrats with their choice of presidential candidates. I still think a Dick Gephardt paired with anyone from Ohio or Florida ticket would have sent Bush back to Texas for his $100 million payoff.


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