Monday, July 17, 2006

Magnet drivers

We are all aware of drivers who speed up when we attempt to pass them. They certainly are worthy of receiving an abutment to the face, but they have a close relative with whom I have lumped them under the genus, magnet drivers. They have an attraction to other vehicles. I drive expressways on cruise control most of the time and have come to the conclusion that if I catch another car it is because I am going faster and, therefore, should pass it if I don't vary my speed. In the same manner if a car catches me they should continue on by. But magnets find themselves unable to complete the pass. Either they pull up behind me, slow down and tailgate, even though there is a vacant lane on my left, or they pull into that lane and continue at that speed until they are even with my rear door or side-by-side, at which point they match my speed. They are apparently unable to break the bond until I hit the brakes, setting them free to resume their original speed or, in the case of the tailgater, slow down gradually until their need to get somewhere overcomes the attraction. Is it just me or is this a universal occurance?


At 6:28 PM, Blogger Mitch said...

Newton's law on gravity... attraction of objects of matter - stay the same speed as it is the closest distance apart...


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